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Organization And Strategy

Vision, Mission and Values

To be a leading regional institution enjoys the confidence of the community, through the adoption of social welfare and sustainable development of the beneficiaries methodology.
Foundation seeks to provide the best services and keep pace with the changing needs of its customers through:
  • Provide distinct and meaningful social care to ensure safe and stable future for the beneficiaries.
  • Management and investment of funds and assets covered and development in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Secure work environment that stimulates creativity and outstanding performance within the standards of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Strengthening the role of strategic partnerships in the provision of direct support to the beneficiaries.

Embrace integrity and high professional ethics in all our dealings with covered, partners and employees.

We achieve out tasks and duties out of a sense of responsibility and self-awareness and commitment to the beneficiaries.

We are keen on clarity and credibility within the work environment and through our dealings with covered and partners.

We seek to apply the highest standards of overall quality and workmanship in all of our activities and our services and our operations.

We believe the launch of the potential and creations through the continuous development of the human element of the process.
Strategic objectives:
  • The representation covered, provide legal support to them.
  • Social care covered, to achieve stability and social security.
  • Remember assets and development, and promote the process of the palace's wealth management and the like.